Avast Protect Browser is a internet browser from Avast Software. It has been available for download and is within the installer of Avast Anti-virus since 2016. The web browser is based on the Chromium open source my site project. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android gadgets.

The latest variation of the Avast Secure Browser contains improved personal privacy and velocity. It can be downloaded from the official Avast web page and mounted by following the installation instructions. Work out remove the Avast Secure Internet browser is to use the Avast Safeguarded Browser deletion, which you can download from your Avast site.

The Avast Secure Web browser has an intuitive user interface that makes it user friendly. The search bar allows you to easily find anything you need on the web. You can search using a key word or perhaps enter a URL and find out results in a few seconds. You may also expand the characteristics by tapping the icon at the bottom of your screen. This enables you to gain access to your background bookmarks, and search the present page.

Different features of the Avast Safeguarded Browser incorporate a fully personalized browsing setting, a VPN (virtual private network), and an ad blocker. Apart from these features, Avast Safeguarded Browser also features a powerful security system to protect your data.